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Week 10: 12th March 2018

Science Week got off to a bang on Monday with a workshop from Cosmic Caz. We learned about vibrations and reactions, and even got to make our own slime.


Throughout the week we took part in many science investigations. We had two whole school investigations. One investigation was to find out if the person with the longest finger could flick a ball the farthest. Everyone in Hedgehog Class had a go, and we concluded that yes, the child with the longest finger did flick the ball the farthest. We did our other whole school investigation during PE. We had to work out whether the oldest child in the class could do the most star jumps in 1 minute.


In class the children had the chance to participate in many science related activities. These included :


We built a windmill and working out how to make it move indoors

We cut out various waterlilies, each with a different number of leaves. We investigated whether the waterlily with the most leaves took the longest to open up.

We used balloons in another investigation. We filled the balloons with air, and let them off along a track. We tested whether the balloons moved faster with more or less air in them.

We investigated fat in milk and washing up liquid. When we added them together with food colouring, we could see the molecules moving towards each other.


We also went on a trip to Bushey Manor this week. We worked with Mrs. Lowden’s class. On Tuesday we learned about camouflage. We had to find various objects hidden in the outdoor area. On Thursday they came down to us, and we learned about the best materials to make bubble wands.


We finished our week by inviting parents to share in our learning. Many parents came in to see what we had been doing all week.


What a great week of science learning this week Hedgehogs!