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Week 1 and 2: 16th and 23rd April 2018

Star of the Day


We have been working really hard on our handwriting in Elephants class and so it is our new focus for star of the day!


Week 1







Week 2







We linked our learning of Australia to the seaside and learnt about Captain James Cook. He sailed the seas, made maps and discovered Australia as well as other places. We learnt about his adventures, made captain hats to get in to character and then we wrote diary entries, pretending to be Captain Cook on the day he discovered Australia.



We have learnt about human and physical features, been on a hunt around school to find them and sorted different features that we might see at the seaside.

We then went for another walk to Oxhey Park. We wanted to see how many different human and physical features we could find as well as compare what changes had happened in the park since we have moved in to Spring and the weather has been kinder to us! We wrote all about these changes and differences. 



Our focus is the human body and our senses this term. We carried out a test to see how strong our senses are. We tasted different flavour crisps to see if we could guess which flavour they were, we smelt things to see if we could detect the smell and we use feely bags to use our sense of touch.



We made seaside pictures using watercolours and coloured paper. We used the watercolours to wash white card to make it look like a sky line, using dark blue, light blue and yellow. Then we ripped paper to make objects you would find on the beach or in the sea.



We have been using a new resource in Maths this term called Base 10. It helps us with understanding how numbers are made up of tens and ones. We used it to represent numbers, partition numbers and add 1 and 2 digit numbers together.