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Week 1: 7th January 2019

Happy New Year to all of Parrot class and their families. Wishing you a happy and healthy year!


The children have been very excited to be at school and they have not stopped talking about their holidays. They seem to have had lots of lovely experiences and this has helped them come back as confident children. Thank you for emailing the photographs in, this has helped the children talk confidently about their adventures in front of the whole class as well as do some fantastic writing. (I am a very proud teacher and can't stop showing off their writing to the other teachers!) We have been focusing on saying and writing sentences this week and they are rising to the challenge. Children have been sounding out each word and trying to write as many sounds as they can hear. They have also been writing the tricky words 'I' and 'the' using our tricky word window which will evolve over the weeks. 


Monday was a classic Early Years day and one which makes teaching this age group so exciting. Although the plan was to write and share our holiday news, the children had other ideas. After a story was shared about bats, the children were inspired and we spent the day learning some facts about bats. (Our original plan was then postponed till Tuesday!)


The rest of the week we spent learning about castles inspired from the story Zog. The children have loved building castles out of junk modelling and construction. Lots of fantastic role play has been happening inside and outside based on these topics. 


In Maths, we have been using 10  frames to begin with adding. The children have had yellow and red counters and have been trying to recognise patterns (similar to dice patterns) instead of counting. We will be continuing this next week and begin to look at recording in a part part whole model. 


Please remember that on Monday is Library, so please ensure that library books are in their bookbags ready for changing. 


Phonic tags should now have all 31 sounds on from set 1 (if they haven't let me know). We will not be learning any more sounds for a while as Phonics will now focus on using these sounds in reading and writing. I will be looking at tricky word tags next week so please have these in their bookbags every day. Also please continue to practise the words that were sent home over the holidays. I have also attached the whole set of green words which use all the sounds for you to use when you feel your child is ready. 


Have a restful weekend

Miss Leach and Mrs Forty