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Proud to be part of Bushey Primary Education Federation Federation Headteacher: Mrs M Cooper MA NPQH

Week 1 17.4.17

O2 have had a fantastic first week of the Summer Term.


After beginning the week with a bank holiday, we came back on Tuesday excited to share our holiday news. Once we had done this, we enjoyed music with Mrs Caperon. We were learning about different instruments and were very excited to have a visitor, Mrs Sangster, who showed us how to play a flute before letting some of us have a go at making a sound! We also had another visitor towards the end of the week, Mr Phethean, who made us think about how many computers are used around the world and the different jobs they do. We are looking forward to thinking of our own ideas to enter into our ‘Innovation Jam’ next week!


In literacy this week, we were practising our comprehension skills. We thought about the important things to remember when answering questions about our reading and then used this knowledge to read and understand a text about ants.  Then, we used fact-files to ask questions about a variety of different animals, such as chickens and geese, before using these to write our own non-chronological reports about one of these animals. We included titles, headings, labels and interesting facts to make sure our reports were informative and relevant to the reader.


In maths this week, we have been looking at a variety of strategies that we could use to add and subtract larger numbers. We used dienes to count the amount of tens and ones in different numbers and to find ways of adding and subtracting.  Next, we looked at how we could use a number square to help us by spotting patterns that were formed when we added or subtracted tens. After finding these relationships, we then tried answering addition and subtraction questions using this knowledge before looking at what would happen when we then tried to add other numbers, such as 11 or 12. We were intrigued by the amount of patterns we could spot and were excited to use these to help us in our maths learning.


In science, we continued to look at plants. We recapped on what plants need to be able to grow before thinking about how we could investigate each of these factors. We then designed our own investigations by deciding what we would change each time (eg the amount of light or the temperature) and deciding how we would test this.


Finally, we began learning our country dancing ready for the OVEG Summer Fair in June. Mrs Cooper taught us the first few dances and we are looking forward to practising them over the next few weeks!


Well done O2 on a wonderful first week back!