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Proud to be part of Bushey Primary Education Federation Federation Headteacher: Mrs M Cooper MA NPQH

Week 1 - 17.04.17

Welcome back!


After a lovely Easter holiday, B2 came back eager to learn and ready for the Summer term, their last at Bushey & Oxhey Infants before heading off to the Juniors.


In English this week, we have been practising our reading comprehension. We played a game answering questions about a non-fiction text making our way around a board to see who might be able to show their understanding of the text. It was great to reinforce the idea of reading beyond the words, relating what we're reading to our own experience but also being able to be precise in identifying the meaning of the text. Building on that understanding, we then read another non-fiction text to set our own questions and create a quiz for a partner to complete. This helped us identify the features of non-fiction texts and we then created our own imaginary animal to introduce to the world through an information text presenting the habitat, diet, senses, etc. of this animal. Giving free rein to our imagination, we created some fantastic creatures which we wrote about in some excellent non-fiction reports. Well done to all our budding writers in B2!


In Maths this week, we have been practising using our hundred square to add and subtract tens and ones. We have been trying to imagine the squares on the hundred square so that we can use jottings to work out how we would use it to add tens. It was great to see the children using the patterns from the hundred square to work out calculations thinking carefully about the jumps that they would do to add or subtract. We used this to move on on Friday to adding tens and ones and it was impressive to see how much more confident the children were in working out their calculations. Why not ask your child to explain how they would work out: 26 + 30 or 58 - 20 to see if they can share their own strategies with you?


We also set up our classroom on Thursday afternoon as a measuring workshop. We completed a carousel of activities on weight, capacity and mass and enjoyed taking part in such a wide range of fun activities. It was particularly interesting to see how tricky ordering water containers was! We kept checking the order we had chosen by pouring the water in one container to check just how much was actually in there. We found out that we needed to take into account not just the level of the water in the container but also the width and shape of the container!


In PE this week, Mrs Cooper taught the children their country dance. They really enjoyed the session and I know that they have been practising so I hope they have been showing off their moves at home too!


It was fantastic to see so many children coming back after Easter with their completed plant diaries. Although I have been made aware that not all plants survived the Easter break, many were able to track the progress of their plant in a lot of detail so well done! We have continued our work on plants this week and we designed our own investigations to test the conditions for a seed to germinate. We wanted to test whether the seed needed soil, water, sunlight or heat to grow but we agreed that, for the test to be fair, we needed to only change one thing and see how that changed the result. We will be setting up our investigation next week and we look forward to sharing our results with you!