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Proud to be part of Bushey Primary Education Federation Federation Headteacher: Mrs M Cooper MA NPQH

Terms of Office

Board Members 2020-21: Terms of Office and Roles

Other than the Federation Head Teacher, who serves on the Board throughout her tenure, Board Members are appointed or elected for a fixed period, but usually a renewable one.



Current Tenure

Specific Role

Tony Breslin


01.09.20 - 31.08.24


Co-opted Governor

Mary Ann Cooper


Not applicable

Federation Headteacher

Stephanie Cubbin


12.09.19 - 11.09.23

Vice-Chair, Curriculum and Standards

Co-opted Governor

Ian Freeman


12.09.19 - 11.09.23

Vice-Chair, Finance and Resources

Co-opted Governor

Dan Hall


01.07.20 - 30.06.24

Local Authority Governor

James Noble


01.01.18 - 31.12.21

Lead, Safeguarding and Child Protection

Co-opted Governor

Eva Phillips


01.12.17 - 29.11.21

Vice-Chair, Human Resources

Parent Governor

Rory Merchant


19.12.18 – 18.12.22

Co-opted Governor

Sarah Morgan


01.09.20 -31.08.24

Co-opted Governor

Helen Shirley


01.09.20– 31.08.24

Staff Governor

Maureen Tilbury


01.09.20 – 31.08.24

Co-opted Governor

Anna Spencer


01.09.20 – 31.08.24

Co-opted Governor


Past Board Members 



Stood down

Specific Role

Alison Klos


01.09.17 – 31.08.21

01.09.20 Staff Governor