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Bushey and Oxhey Infant School

A new adventure in learning begins . . . . .

Proud to be part of the Bushey Primary Education Federation - Executive Head Mrs C. Holliman

Welcome from our Executive Headteacher

At the Bushey Primary Education Federation we are proud of our children and passionate about making a difference to their lives. They are what make us special. We hope you have a sense of how they, their success, their safety and enjoyment, are at the centre of what we do. We want our schools to be the best they can be and for each child to discover the skills, abilities, talents and interests that lie within them.


We are privileged to have Bushey Manor Junior School and Bushey and Oxhey Infants within our Federation. We consider ourselves to be a family of schools who collaborate and have a desire to enable our children to become successful learners, confident individuals and responsible citizens.


At the heart of this lie teachers and support staff, who are committed to delivering an exciting and relevant curriculum and the highest possible standards for all children. At the same time they take a pride in offering support to them, their parents and families. The quality of teaching is our core purpose and we invest heavily in the best provision to achieve high quality outcomes for children. Our highly skilled teachers are adept at offering a curriculum which meets the needs of all our children whatever their dreams and aspirations, for their future.


A safe, challenging, and supportive environment gives us the best chance of success, and we are constantly changing and updating in our determination to provide these.  The combination of autonomy and collaboration, underpinned by shared vision, values and best practice is what makes the Bushey Primary Education Federation such a successful partnership.


The Governing body & Senior Leadership Team welcome you to Bushey Primary Education Federation.